Best Mentions and Monitoring tools for Twitter

The Twitter Tools for monitoring the contents of social networks and users are called “Monitoring Tools” and “Mentioning Tools”.

This function is present in several twitter tools, including some social media dashboards, but many people prefer software dedicated to this function: both for budget reasons (they cost less than a dashboard), and for practical reasons (they are easier to use) .

Warble Alert – a daily email from Twitter

warble alerts logo

Warble Alert is a very interesting Twitter Tool, similar to Google Alert. Using the software, you will receive an email once a day with tweets covering the topics you have decided to track based on certain parameters.

In fact, you can enter keywords, set the language and choose the geographical area.


Warble Alert is totally free

The One Million Tweetmap – all tweets in the world

The One Million Tweet map is a really interesting tool: it allows real-time monitoring of hashtags, keywords and profiles on Twitter.

Main Features

  • Hashtag battle: allows you to compare the performance of 2 hashtags
  • Sentiment view: allows you to view the sentiment
  • Geolocation: allows you to identify the geographical areas where the various tweets take place


The twitter tool is free

Twilert – tweet directly to your email

twilert logo

Twilert is a software that allows you to monitor Twitter to be updated in real time when certain tweets are shared.

You can monitor keywords, competitors or hashtags, even based on certain filters, such as “sentiment” or verified users.


  • 5 Alerts for $ 9 per month
  • 20 Alerts for $ 19 per month
  • 100 Alerts for $ 97 per month

Keyhole – Track Hashtags and Keywords

keyhole logo

Keyhole is software primarily used for hashtag tracking, but it can also be used to track specific Twitter accounts, keywords, @mention, and URLs.


  • Account analytics: $ 29 per month
  • Campaign & Keyword tracking (+ Account analytics): $ 99 per month
  • Enterprise Suite: From $ 999 per month (billed annually)

The pricing presented for the plans, excluding “Enterprise”, includes a substantial discount, approximately 50%, but the payment must be billed annually.


logo Mentionmapp

A practical and intuitive tool that allows you to create a map to analyze the interactions between different profiles. In addition to analyzing your profile, you can also view data from other profiles, including your competitors.

Mentionmapp also helps in the search for influencers and buyer personas.


  • Free: Sufficient but limited functionality
  • $27 dollars a month: unlimited searches

TweetReach – where does your tweet go?

tweetreach logo

TweetReach is a tool created for monitoring tweets: just enter a url, or even a profile, to immediately receive all the information you are looking for.

TweetReach also takes care of keyword or hashtag monitoring and has a useful free version.


  • Social Manager: $ 49 per month
  • Social Marketer: $ 99 per month
  • Maketing Team: $ 199 per month

TweetReach is part of the subscription plan for Union Metrics.

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