Best Tools to find trends on Twitter

Knowing the Twitter Trends is very useful for creating an effective social media marketing strategy. To do this, however, you need dedicated tools, such as those I am going to present below.

As I have written in other pages, many Twitter Tools have functions in common with others, therefore, the ones below are not the only software that can monitor trends on Twitter, they are only the ones that I have decided to present.

Trends24 – al lot of trends on Twitter

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Trends 24 is an easy-to-use tool for finding Trends on Twitter, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Just connect to the website, choose the state or city, and let the algorithm do it: in a moment you will have both the current trends and the trends of the last 21 hours (hour by hour).


Unlike most Twitter Tools, Trends24 does not require a subscription, it is free.

Trendsmap – all trends in a simple map

trendsmap logo

Trendsmap was one of the first tools I used when I started sharing posts on Twitter. I find it simple to use and really useful if you want to know the trends on Twitter, around the world, in real time.

In fact, just visit the website and point to the geographic area of your interest to find out which hashtags, mentions and keywords are most shared on Twitter.

By purchasing the paid version, it is also possible to know the trend of trends in the last 7 days.

Main Features

  • 7 day trend history
  • Analysis
  • Creating alerts
  • Display of local trends
  • Slack integration


  • Free: enough for basic research
  • Plus: $ 25.00 per month
  • Pro 1: $ 145.00 per month
  • Pro 4: $ 395.00 per month
  • Pro 10: $ 645.00 per month

Twurly – Receive trends directly in your email


Similar to a Monitoring system (it could also be included in that category) Twurly allows you to receive the trending tweets in your feed daily.

A practical way to stay up to date on the profiles followed on Twitter. Twurly’s strength, in addition to its practicality, is undoubtedly the price: the tool is free.

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