Best Hashtag twitter tools

Hashtag tools help you find the best hashtags for your posts. These suggestions are based on principles of “Corellation” and also take into account the hashtags most used by users.

RiteTag – find the best hashtag

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RiteTag allows you to instantly get lots of hashtags for posts on major social networks, including Pinterest, but it’s also very useful if you’re using social media dashboards like Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial or Later.

Rite tags also have extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


In addition to RiteTag, the same company offers other products that complete the offer: all together form the “RiteKit”.

The cost of RiteTag is $ 49.00 per year, and includes 1000 requests per month.

Hashtagify – find and analyze hashtags

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Hashtagify is a Twitter tool with different functions that allow you to go beyond the banal “Hashtag suggestion”. The software, in fact, also allows you to identify the popularity of a hashtag and identify related influencers.

Hashtagify analyzes and provides hashtags for Instagram as well


Personal: $ 19.00 per month
Business: $ 64.00 per month
Enterprise: $ 249.00 per month

As always, if you choose the annual payment instead of monthly, you can take advantage of an interesting discount (Above I report the discounted prices).

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