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icona mondoBest Social Media Dashboard for Twitter

“Social Media Dashboards” are software to manage and schedule all posts from all your social networks profile or page. Social media dashboards also include analysis tools, very useful for increasing the performance of your web marketing campaigns.

tools list

  • Hootsuite

  • Tweetdeck

  • Buffer

  • SocialOomph

  • Sprout Social

  • Friends+me

  • AgoraPulse

  • Crowdfire


Mentions and Monitoring tools

Find the best monitoring and mention twitter tools, very useful for checking the visibility of your brands and competitors. They are very simple to use software with lower costs than social media dashboards.

tools list

  • Warble:

  • The One Million Tweetmap

  • Twilert

  • Keyhole

  • Mentionmapp

  • TweetReach


Best Twitter Tools to Increase Your Followers

Selection of best software dedicated to increasing their followers, including automation systems for like, comments and follow.

tools list

  • Tweepi

  • Owlead

ampollaBest Twitter Tools for Analytics

Compare performance and prices of the best software dedicated to the analysis of Twitter profiles.

tools list

  • Talkwalker

  • Social Blade

  • Twitter Analytics

  • Twitonomy

  • Audiense Insight

  • Social Bearing

  • Tweriod

  • Union Metrics



Hashtag tools

There are dozens, if not hundreds of apps and tools to identify the most used or most suitable hasthag for a post. Here you will find my selection.

tools list

  • Rite tag



Design Tools and Images

Images and videos are essential to increase your followers. On this page you will find a selection with the best tools to select and optimize images for Twitter.

tools list

  • Pablo

  • Canva

  • Adobe Spark

  • Pixelixe



A selection of tools dedicated to find the hottest topics on Twitter.

tools list

  • Trends24

  • Trendsmap

  • Twurly

scacco reInfluencer tools

Compare prices and performance of the most used Twitter Tootles for influencer research

tools list

  • Klear

  • Brand24

  • Followerwonk

  • BuzzSumo

Best Twitter Tools in 2020

Twitter is a social network widely used by journalists, politicians, associations, popular movements and so on. Measuring all the data that Twitter provides, such as hashtags or keywords, is not easy, which is why we have so many tools. Below, I present 22 of the best Twitter Tools of 2020.


With Followerwonk you can search Twitter profiles starting from a keyword present in the name or bio. A very useful function if you are looking for influencers, travel bloggers, people in a specific geographical area or who deal with a specific topic or sector. The Twitter tool also allows you to make comparisons between profiles regarding followers and followed users. By subscribing to a paid plan, you can use the “Track Followers” and “Sort Followers” functions, useful for tracking and searching for followers and followed profiles. These 2 functions are also very useful for identifying influencers. The free version is not bad, but it is not enough for a professional analysis.

Twitter Analytics

Free tool provided by Twitter. Fundamental to analyze your profile and the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign.

Twitter Advance Search (Ricerca Avanzata)

This is the tool provided by Twitter, free and essential to analyze the many data present on the social network, such as hashtags, keywords or profiles. Si potrebbe anche dire che tutti gli strumenti a pagamento che trovate nel web sono una sorta di evoluzione di questo software, che resta comunque fondamentale per le vostre social media campaign.

Twitter Trends Italia

I have also been using this free tool for years. “Twitter Trends Italia” is a simple and intuitive site where you will find all the most shared hashtags in Italy. You will also find the trends of the last 5 days, the funniest tweets and the most retweeted news. Twitter Trends Italia is a fundamental tool for social media marketing.


Klear is a useful tool for finding influencers and ambassadors, but the free version is very limited. Try the software for at least a month, then decide whether to use this tool or another.


Rite Tag is an ideal tool for researching and analyzing the hashtag. The paid version allows you to create and share posts, while the free version allows you to collect fundamental data for the analysis of hashtag, like:
  • unique tweets
  • retweets
  • location
  • languages
  • users who use them
There is also a version for smartphones and an extension for Chrome or Safari.


Excellent hashtag research and analysis tool, but the free version is practically useless. The service is not exactly cheap, but if you are looking for a professional tool, it is a good idea to try the subscription for at least one month.


Hashtagify is another tool for searching and analyzing hashtags and influencers. It does not provide a satisfactory free version but you can do some tests. The interface is intuitive and the data provided is useful and easy to use. It definitely deserves to be tried.

Tweet Archivist

Tweet Archivist is a great tool for tracking hashtags, ideal for those who work in journalism or need to follow certain topics. In the free version, for each hashtag you can identify the “Top users”, the most used related words, the top urls, the source of the tweet (desktop, mobile, etc), the different languages, the mentions, the related hashtags, and influencers who use the analyzed hashtag.


Trendsmap is a tool that I have been using for many years. It allows you to monitor the most shared hashtags around the world in real time, using a simple and intuitive interface. The free version is fine but, as always, the paid version is better.


Keyhole is a great tool for researching hashtags. It includes a free trial version with which it is also possible to do various analyzes. It has several related tools, including influencer research, but to better rate it, you have to try it.


TweetDeck can be defined as a social media dashboard to manage multiple twitter profiles at the same time, monitor different accounts, hashtags and lists. In some ways, managing an account is easier than on Twitter, it’s free, and I’ve been using it for several years. Since Twitter no longer allows the same post to be shared on multiple profiles at the same time, it has lost one of its best features, but that’s not its fault.

Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a complete platform, full of features, which allows you to improve the management of advertising campaigns on Twitter. It is a professional tool but it also has higher costs than many others: the basic plan, Twitter only, starts at $ 150 per month.


Hashtracking is another tool for monitoring and analyzing hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. It has a free but limited version, which you can use to evaluate any purchase.


It is a very useful and easy to use tool that allows you to download covers for your Twitter profile for free. Definitely useful for newbies: if you want to work professionally, you must ask for the intervention of a graphic designer.


Tagdef is a very useful tool that provides the definition of the most used hashtags on Twitter. For example, do you know what #tbt means? is a free tool that allows you to analyze any Twitter profile. In a few seconds you will have a good analysis of any account, so you can know the most used hashtags, keywords, some statistics and a global analysis of the last 100 tweets. Great, especially when you consider that it’s free.


TweetReach is a tool that allows, for free, an analysis of twitter profiles, hashtags and keywords. The free version only shows the analysis of the 100 latest tweets published, but if you work in information or politics, and you especially need recent or real-time data, you will be fine.

Mention Mapp

Mention Mapp is an interesting tool that graphically generates a map showing the relationships between various profiles and hashtags. Interesting but perhaps not very functional, I hope it will be enhanced in the future.


Twipho is a nice tool that allows you to locate images linked to an account or hashtag.

What is Twitter today

Twitter is the leading social network for news and politics, thanks to the enormous contribution it has often given in spreading important news faster than traditional media. Despite the value that is recognized by many journalists and communication experts, the company grows less than Facebook and Instagram. Companies are investing less and less in Twitter, a fact that could lead to the closure or sale of the social network in the future. Until that day, if you work in politics, are a journalist or a public figure, Twitter is the right social network for you.

What are Twitter Tools

A Twitter tool is software used to find the full potential of the social network. This type of software can be used both to manage the social network and to analyze its data, such as the popularity of a hashtag, the number of mentions of a public figure or the sentiment towards a politician.

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